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  • Introduction
  • What is religious extremism?
  • Clashes of the followers of different religious.
  • Factors of Religious Extremism
  • Emotional and unreasoning thinking.
  • Lack of education, awareness and proper guidance.
  • Evils of Religious Extremism
  • Two sects are common ‘Shias and Sunnis’.
  • Terrorists use some young people in the name of Islam.
  • How to overcome religious extremism
  • Media must preach the true sprit of Islam.
  • Followers of all sects must realize the nature of Islam
Religious Extremism In Pakistan
Religious Extremism in Pakistan


“Extremism in  defence of liberty is no voice, but it reachesin such extent to kill other on religious difference is worse.”

Religious extremism means that one religious group thinks that his sect and thinking approach are correct and final while the followers of other sects are incorrect and liars. Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam, but unfortunately some so-called Ulemas and scholars have changed the true concept of Islam. The followers of one sect hate strongly the followers of other sects. Everyone adheres to his own point of view and considers the other sect wrong and false.

There are many factors behind religious extremism. Firstly, some modern thinkers and philosophers believe that religious extremism is only produced by emotional unreasoning and non-scientific thinking. They say that religious extremism become too much subjective in their approach and do not believe in the approach of any other persons. Secondly, lack of scientific educationis another basic factor. Sometimes we observe that in our society common peole have no proper guideline and knowledge about religion. In this way some so-called Ulemas adn scholars misguide them and they try to force their views on the others by force. Thirdly, religious extremism can be observed in those minds that are simple, illetrate and credulous. They believe in the wrong stories of Ulemas and accept it without analyzing. Fourthly, some young people follw the same belief of their ancestors without observing weither their ancestors were wrong or right in their observations. They grow hatred and ill-will against the followers of other sects.

” It is better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.”

        [ Anatole France ]

There are various sects in Pakistan, but the followers of two sects ‘Shias and Sunnies’ are said to be the religious extremsts. Sometimes the Ulemas of both the sects condemn each other. They never hesitate to abuse any person who does not believe in their views. Such type of extremisms is very harmful to the society of a country. Such type of extremism produces hatred among the people. Sometimes these people are trained by the terrorists and they use them in the name of Islam to achieve their own purposes. They start killing the innocent people of other sects mercilessly. The use of force leads to enmity and bitter hostility.

There are some steps to overcome the religious extremism. The followers of every sect must tolerate and understand the views of the followers of other sects. The teaching of Islam in the correct spirit must be propagated through electronic media. There must be justice, equality and law and order for everyone. Most importantly, the followers of every sect must understand that Islam is a religion of peace and justice. They must observe that Islam never allows anybody to kill or abuse anybody whether he belongs to any sect or nation. The followers of every sect must follow the true principles of Islam. There is no doubt that in this way religion extremism can be removed.

” Religion is nothing else but love to God and man” [ Anonymous ]

A deadly combination of religious extremism and militant religious organizations is threatening Pakistan. Many of the terrorist activities in Pakistan are carried out by religious extremists who are opposed to the government and other religions. These extremists are fighting to make Pakistan a stricter Islamic state, and they are against the government because it is not completely Islamic. Religious extremists have threatened to attack schools and have bombed many schools. They have also burned copies of school textbooks that do not have Islamic teachings in them. Religious extremists have also threatened courts, activists, and journalists.